Hi, I'm Jonathan.

I work with startups, agencies, and individuals to achieve results through user focused design.

Craft What do you actually do?

I make websites, mobile applications, and all sorts of digital products. By focusing on research, strategy, and design, I'm able to effectively move metrics and engage the user.

Methods How do you do that?

  • Regiment - It's important to have a system.
  • Focus - Solving difficult problems by doing the simple things, very well.
  • Frequency - Iterate. From conception to completion.

Process How does it work?

We can talk over the telephone, Skype, or Google chat in order to define goals and/or tasks in order to get your project up and running.

With a little more time we'll be able to analyze or conceptualize projects and plan to move forward. Call me if you have an idea!

Get in touch

You can book an hour or two really easily. This will get us started, fast. I'll get back to you promptly and we can schedule a time that works best for us.

If you need more time or just have a larger project you'd like to discuss, send an email my way.

  • UX
  • Product Design
  • Art Direction
  • Freelance
  • UI
  • Development

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